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Company House

Based on the Company houses setup for employees of the New River Mining Company.

Shipping May 1, 2011


Product Summary

· Laser Cut structure

· Tar paper roofing by B.E.S.T.

· Tichy Windows and Doors

· Includes B.E.S.T. detail castings

· Measures 4x6 inches

· Fully illustrated construction manual

Price: 69.95

This is the basic miners family home, owned by the mining company and leased to the miners, as long as you were still working. Get hurt and could no longer work, you were evicted. Perish in a mining accident, your family was evicted. These house along with the company store were some of the most egregious abuses of workers rights seen in this country.

These houses were found all over coal country and are a unique part of history. You can have this fine model without “owing your soul to the company store”.


Available as a single home or in value priced 3 packs.

SKU/Item Number: HO501

Yes, Virginia, the outhouse is included!!

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